We hope to create an awareness of our neglected cemeteries that will increase volunteer efforts and ultimately lead to their preservation for future generations to enjoy and appreciate.

We contribute to that effort by cleaning, resetting, and repairing gravestones.

Cemetery Work

Our passion is gravestone/cemetery preservation. This is accomplished in many ways such as: actual cemetery work, conducting workshops and writing articles to educate people, and sharing our findings during our travels. Our cemetery signage program gives unidentified cemeteries a sign with a name.

Gravestone Carvers

This is a study of gravestone carvers. Although it focuses primarily on Central New York, we have identified carvers throughout the state. The timeframe is 1795-1880.


Photos of what remains of some of our state’s asylums/sanitariums and their associated cemeteries.

Poorhouse Project

There are 62 counties in NY State. At one time the majority of them had poorhouses. Here you will find current photos of what remains of each county’s important social institution as well as its corresponding cemetery.